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Anthem security breach expressed as icons.

Learning from the Anthem Security Breach

The Anthem security breach caught much of the public unaware in February of this year when eighty-million customers suddenly became at risk for having their personal information stolen. How? Anthem is the second-largest health insurance company in the nation, in part because of an upstanding record for customer service and the unwavering protection of its…

SMiling doctor prior to a physician review.

5 Personality Traits to Ace Physician Reviews

Physician reviews are given by patients as well as other medical office staff. Depending on the type of review, a doctor might be rated on anything from bedside manner to efficient diagnoses. Many of the most successful physicians have certain personality traits in common that affect these ratings. But which traits make a successful physician?…

Value based reimbursement based on an insurance claim form.

The Effects of Value-Based Reimbursement on Medical Billing Services

Billing Advantage, Inc. is a full-service medical billing company, providing billing services to over 200 providers in 22 states.  We are interested in how changes in health care systems will affect both our customers and billing companies like our own.  It is clear that the shift towards Value-Based Reimbursement will have a very major effect…

ICD-10 conversions represented by a stethoscope, pen and paper.

Top 5 Risks of ICD-10 Conversion

ICD-10 conversion seems daunting in sheer numbers. With over 50,000 diagnosis codes, the possibility for error looms larger than ever. And that could mean substantial fines come the October 2015 deadline. The good news is that the general risk is smaller for smaller medical practices. After all, a smaller practice often gives more specific care…

Medicare Part D penalty depicted by pills and money strewn about a surface.

Avoiding a Medicare Part D Penalty

To appreciate the Medicare Part D Penalty and help patients avoid it, one must first understand what Medicare Part D involves. Here are the points to keep in mind for your medical office, and it’s patients: Medicare Part D consists of a drug coverage plan that has a list of specific covered drugs, called a…

False claims act depicted by a stethescope, ten-key and cash.

How The False Claims Act Affects Your Clinic

A review of the False Claims Act is beneficial even to those who have been in the healthcare industry for decades, along with those who are new to the system. The FCA was originally enacted in 1863 to address military fraud against the Union Army. And while the False Claims Act reaches beyond those in…