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Medical office assistant working online.

Hiring a Medical Office Assistant

A medical office can’t run properly without the right combination of motivated and talented staff members. Previously, we’ve highlighted medical office managers and how best to organize an office space with great filing and calling protocols, but we haven’t really discussed the staff members responsible for some of these tasks. A medical office assistant is…

Woman organizing medical office supplies.

List of Must-Have Medical Office Supplies

If you’re a physician leaving residency training, you might choose to enter a solo practice. If this is the case for you, there is a lot of planning to consider for your medical office. One of the main concerns of opening a new office is gathering the necessary medical office supplies and equipment. How are…

Medical professional working on a desk, appointment setting.

8 Tips for Effective Medical Office Appointment Scheduling

Whether a medical office sees a steady stream of patients every day or just a trickle of patients here and there, appointment scheduling is the key to running smoothly. It ensures that no patient becomes “lost” in the system. Not to mention that a smoother transition from patient to patient can allow doctors more quality…

Female employee practicing effective medical office management.

6 Tips Toward Better Medical Office Management

Medical office management can have its difficulties. Not being a physician nor a part of the non clinical staff, the manager is completely set apart. Medical office management has the necessary tasks of keeping the day to day activities of the practice running smoothly and the communication between personnel open. Between the constant rings of…

Medical office worker taking a client call.

6 Solutions to Poor Medical Office Call Management

Constantly ringing telephone lines are a major issue for small medical offices and a sign of poor call management. The standard reflexive response is to move phones to a back room where they will no longer distract office assistants or patients. The alternative is hiring additional staff to handle the volume of incoming calls. But…

Medical filing system in use.

Tips for Establishing and Maintaining Medical Filing Systems

Efficiency in a medical office requires coordination between all doctors, nurses, and office staff. Coordination is built on a combination of communication and organization that fits the needs of all involved. No doctor or staff member has extra time to go searching through scattered patient files or documents spread across a desktop. Because the access…