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Intake forms being filled out prior to a group medical service.

Group Medical Services: How to Code and Bill Shared Appointments

It is a growing trend in the medical industry for physicians to offer group medical services. Group medical services, also known as shared medical appointments (SMAs), are visits between a doctor and a group of patients with similar medical conditions. SMAs represent a new type of educational environment through which the quality of care a…

ICD-10 training is vital to a successful transition.

ICD-10 Training & Implementation: Designating a Technology Transition Leader

As the medical industry grows and changes, so too must your practice. This often requires new technology solutions. With the upcoming ICD-10 implementation, medical practices will be responsible for a few thousand new codes and the documentation elements required for those codes. Just like with any new technology, it is far more efficient to establish…

Cut costs.

Cut Costs In Your Practice Prior to ICD-10 Implementation

Even with the delay of ICD-10 implementation, costs are still something to be considered when making changes to become compliant. Here we outline how to cut costs within your office to help offset implementation costs prior to the March 2015 launch. Utilities are always a large cost that should be considered. Evaluate your electrical and…

practice management system

Choosing a Practice Management System

Choosing to move to a practice management system is a big step for the growth of your medical practice. Making the right choice can save you time and money in the future. Use the criteria below to help navigate the process and move forward with this transition. Determine what you want the software to do….

Data Security Best Practices

Data Security Best Practices

As the healthcare industry continues to expand, it has become a bigger target for hackers. According to an Experian study, data breaches in the medical field are expected to rise in 2014. So, what can a small or even a large practice do to protect themselves from a data breach? We have put together a…

Doctor using Web-based Medical Billing Software

Web Based Medical Billing Software – Why you should make the switch

There are many benefits to switching to web based medical billing software at your medical practice. From cutting down on paperwork and streamlining the office space to the simple convenience of having all records available from one login when you need them – switching to web based medical billing can be a timesaver. As medical…