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Medical office manager working happily.

Medical Office Managers – How to Find the Right Fit

Your medical office staff is vitally important for the well being and success of your practice. As the first face patients see when they enter your office, these people set the tone and can ensure you and your patients have the best possible visit. A medical office manager helps to oversee the comings and goings…

Medical code creation.

Medical Codes: Where Doctors Fit Into Creating New Codes

Have you ever wondered how the thousands of medical codes that billers use everyday are created? How about why there are so many medical codes for seemingly similar ailments? Medical coding has ballooned as new treatments have becomes available, and the new ICD-10 codes go live in October. So, what process determines that new codes…

ICD 10 Implementation date - Doctor working on a tablet.

Congress Pushes Back ICD-10 Implementation Date

On Monday, March 31, the United States Senate approved a bill that pushes back the ICD-10 implementation date. The original roll out, scheduled for October 2014, was pushed back in conjunction with steep cuts to Medicare physician payment rates. The Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014 postponed a planned 24% cut to physician pay…

Medical claims.

Medical Claims: Improve your Billing Process

According to a recent study by the American Medical Billing Association, close to half of all medical claims are left unsettled or denied because of common, avoidable issues. Duplicate claims, missing information, incorrect information and missing or incorrect codes can all slow down the claims process and can lead to claim denial – costing practices…

Medical billing specialists - Get paid for the work you do.

3 Reasons to Hire a Medical Billing Specialist

Getting paid for the work you do is important. Most services like an oil change or an appliance repair are generally paid for on the spot. Healthcare is a different story and a delay on payments for medical services can put financial stress on any practice. As a healthcare provider, you can imagine the opportunities…

ICD 10 Implementation

ICD 10 Implementation – What You Need to Know

According to a new AMA study, ICD 10 implementation for physicians will be more costly than originally planned. The new coding procedures, set to begin October 1st, 2014, are the latest HIPAA update, and will affect both physicians and others in the healthcare industry. The current ICD-9 policies were developed by the World Health Organization (WHO)…