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Medical Billing Services Rates

Our medical billing services fees is based on a percentage of the amount you receive, both from insurance and patients. The only other charge is a one-time startup fee. This is $300.00 per clinician, with a maximum charge of $1,500.00 for 7 or more clinicians. We have two types of pricing: our Standard Pricing Plan and our Individualized Pricing Plan. Many of our customers meet the criteria for our Standard plan, and if you do, your rate will be between 5% and 7% of the amount you receive. Other customers have specialized needs, or claims that may pay a larger or smaller amount. The rates for our Individualized Plans have a wider range, and may be more or less expensive than the Standard Plan.

In many cases we can assist with data migration, depending on the software you are currently using. There may be an additional charge for data migration.

In order to qualify for our standard pricing plans you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Bill out at least 100 claims per week
  • Receive at least $75 per claim (amount received, not amount billed out)


There are a few other factors that come into play when determining the percentage we charge. These are:

  • Would you rather enter some basic demographic and encounter data yourself, or would you rather have Billing Advantage provide all the data entry?
  • Would you rather have your own account with Kareo (keeping full control of your own data), or would you rather use a free Kareo account through Billing Advantage (you have full access to all the data in the account either way)?


Please answer the four questions below to determine instantly if you qualify for our Standard Pricing Plan.

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