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Neurology Billing Services

Neurology billing is specific and complex enough that it requires an experienced biller to capitalize on the full revenue from patients. A typical medical billing agency may claim to handle specialties such as this. However, it’s possible that the agency has only worked with one or two previous neurology practices. That inexperience can amount to up to 20% unclaimed revenue. Instead of settling for this loss, learn how to sharpen your billing process.

How Does Neurology Billing Work?

image of Neurology practiceLike other specialties, neurology billing starts with a patient visit. Details of the visit are recorded, along with the diagnosis, follow-up visits, medication, surgery and other care received. All of this becomes translated into numerical digits by a qualified medical coder on staff. Those codes are used to bill insurance providers, as well as individuals. In addition, they keep track of the services provided and assist in year-end cost analysis. With the cost of running a neurology practice on the rise, these details are more important than ever.

Failure to comply with federal, state and payer-specific documentation and procedure can seriously affect the financial stability and name of your practice. Lack of HIPAA compliance especially can result in severe fees and penalties. This is why it can be extremely beneficial to hire a third party billing agency like Billing Advantage. Unlike other companies that claim experience, our agents actually have the deep expertise of neurology procedures and terminology to help smooth out the process.

Neurology Billing Software

Neurology billing software can handle many valuable processes, such as organization, patient scheduling and filing, and even some billing organization. But, as with all software, it can have errors and security risks, not to mention that a software program does not handle the patient care side of billing (i.e., answering payer questions about bills and terminology).

Billing Advantage utilizes one of the best software programs available for medical billing specialties, Kareo. With Billing Advantage, you have 24/7 access to Kareo as well as our expert support. We can even train your staff on how to use the software, allowing your practice as much or as little interaction with billing as needed.

How Much Does Neurology Billing Service Cost?

Underpayments can cause a neurologist 10% of potential income, in addition to the documentation and coding errors that can compound the loss.

Billing Advantage has a basic one-time startup fee of $300 per clinician, plus a minimal percentage of your claims. Compared to the revenue your clinic would otherwise lose due to mistakes, Billing Advantage can take away the stress of the billing process and deliver superior results with maximized reimbursement. Contact us to get started today!

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