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Physician Billing Services That Meet Your Speciality Needs

Your practice’s passion and focus are devoted to your patients, and our passion and focus is devoted to helping your practice succeed.

Billing Advantage provides customized physician billing services that meet the needs of every speciality with quality, personalized care. With years of experience backing our diverse range of clients, we can confidently offer the most comprehensive way to outsource your practice’s unique needs. Whether your practice is adding on new specialties or opening its doors for the first time to patients, our experienced Billing Advantage agents can walk you through the process and give you support. We can train your staff on our Kareo software, or take care of the entire billing system for you – the choice is yours.

Billing Advantage not only simplifies your revenue management cycle with our customizable assistance, but ultimately aims to minimize error in the billing process and maximize revenue. If you want to strengthen the financial stability of your clinic, start by reading about which of the twelve physician billing services you’d want to include in your Billing Advantage package.

Neuropsychology Billing

Neuropsychology billing: does it complicate the medical billing process? Yes, and no. If you’re asking this question, it’s probably because your clinic is looking to expand its specialties to include neuropsychology. To say that adding this specialty does not change billing would be a lie, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful transition.

Psychiatry Billing

Psychiatry billing is a necessary component to consider when opening a psychiatry office. Without organized procedure, your office could lose major revenue. Psychiatry billing with Billing Advantage is a key step in maximizing profit, maintaining facility organization and analyzing charges for the services you render, all the while being HIPAA compliant.

Billing for Large Group Mental Health Practices

Education, outreach, and telemedicine are more common in mental health practices, especially those with large groups. Actual time with a patient is also increased in this field. All of this information must be appropriately documented for accurate physician billing services.

Family Practice Billing

Family practice billing is unique because a physician regularly sees patients of all different age groups with different common ailments, and several patients in the same family unit may be billed to the same provider. In this way, family practice billing can actually simplify the billing process, despite an increased number of patients and cases.

Billing for Internal Medicine

How is internal medicine billing different than other types of medical billing? To answer, we must recognize the unique properties of internal medicine. Does diagnosing disease require more time with patients, more physician collaboration or prescription medication? The basics of internal medicine documentation for billing require a new mindset for each patient visit.

Pediatric Billing

Pediatric billing focuses specifically on billing for the care given to children. Just because the age group is limited does not mean that the types of care are also limited. In fact, pediatric billing can be quite complex.

Acupuncture Billing

Some doctors in the field claim that acupuncture billing is the most difficult type of specialty billing due to its constantly changing codes and extensive differentiation from treatment in one clinic to the next. It’s also a specialty that is not recognized by many payers and is illegal in some states.

Plastic Surgery Billing

Plastic surgery billing is complex and requires both broad and deep expertise in the field in order to properly code, bill claims and handle the follow-up process. To appeal claims and answer questions from payers, your billing team should be knowledgeable about plastic surgery procedure and terminology.

General Surgery Billing

General surgery billing is anything but “basic,” considering the complications involved in diagnosis, procedures, treatment and follow up visits. If your medical facility already bills for general surgery, chances are that you are losing money in mistakes and coding error. It’s crucial to minimize this loss.

Neurology Billing

Neurology billing is specific and complex enough that it requires an experienced biller to capitalize on the full revenue from patients. A typical medical billing agency may claim to handle specialties such as this when, in fact, the agency has only worked with one or two previous neurology practices. That inexperience can amount to up to 20% unclaimed revenue. Instead of settling for this loss, find out how to sharpen your billing process.

OT, SLP and PT Billing

PT billing, OT billing and SLP billing each require a practiced hand to navigate the appropriate financial currents. The revenue cycle may appear simple in its offset, but these and other specialties can actually prove quite difficult to manage. Because failure to manage them can result in thousands of dollars lost each quarter, it’s good to know a few tools and tips.

Orthopedic Billing

Orthopedic billing is a crucial process to keep running smoothly to minimize claim denials and cash flow problems. It’s essentially the financial backbone of the practice; without it, everything would fall apart. So what are the most important aspects to keep in mind when billing? Double check patient information, verify insurance coverage, code specifically, and file claims quickly.


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