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I have been a client of Billing Advantage since 2007 and highly recommend their services. BA provides the highest quality billing service and is an overall very good value. Working with the Billing Advantage team has allowed me to be able to solely focus on my clinical work and have the security of knowing that that they will ensure I am paid for my work. They have saved me countless hours on the phone dealing with insurance companies and I couldn’t be happier with their services.

Joyce Davis, LICSW

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on the high quality of billing service you have provided for the past several years. Because of your efficiency in billing, health insurance reimbursement has always been received in a timely fashion. In addition to routine billing, you have often recovered claims from companies, which have contested claims, or otherwise resisted payment. Your staff has always been prompt, courteous and easily accessed by e-mail or phone. I particularly appreciate the services of the Platinum Plus option. Checking insurance eligibility, pre-authorization of number of sessions allowed and tracking of number of sessions utilized and still available are tasks for which I do not have the time or patience. I am no longer frustrated by costly and complicated billing software and overpriced billing companies, which provide less than full service. My practice is thriving.

Duane A. Grippen

Billing Advantage and Cheryl, my billing person there, allow me to concentrate on what I know best, behavioral health services for my clients.

Peter Kirwin, LICSW

I hated doing my billing. It was time-consuming, boring, and visually gave me a headache. I have been thrilled with Billing Advantage

Katherine Esty, LICSW

Under pressure? Feeling stressed out? I was about my billing, but Billing Advantage took it off my shoulders and what a relief! Six years later I still remain a happy customer.

Joseph Doherty, Ed.D

Billing Advantage has been providing us with outstanding billing services for 7 years. We are a large practice with 27 providers, and we know we can count on Billing Advantage to handle all aspects of the billing process for us. They have delivered high quality services and an outstanding collection rate that has allowed our practice to thrive and grow. I highly recommend them.

Alan Webber, LICSW, Director

I was with Billing Advantage for some time, and left when I closed my private practice. I was very happy with the thorough and professional support I received back then. When I returned to full time private practice I returned to Billing Advantage. I have referred Billing Advantage to multiple colleagues. Service has been excellent, responsive and supportive as can be. I have been completely satisfied with my interactions with everyone I have encountered at Billing Advantage – it’s been such a relief to have this noxious task taken off my shoulders so I can focus on the work at hand. The only way to improve the experience would be to make the HMO world rational and patient centered – a task far beyond Billing Advantage. For the part within your grasp, I say Well Done!

David Donovan

It is not an exaggeration to say that Billing Advantage Inc. has been life saving. With their kindness and competence, they have reduced a host of problems and aggravations associated with the practice of psychotherapy, thereby making it possible for me to focus on the important work of a practice, and even rediscover the joys of such an enterprise. In a word, they have been utterly indispensable!

Thomas Cottle

I am a psychologist in private practice specializing in psychological and neuropsychological testing. I have been working with Billing Advantage for many years now, after trying out two billing companies before that. I have been extremely pleased with them! Not only do they get my claims paid very promptly, they get many of my pre-authorizations and check all benefits for me so there are no surprises when a new client comes in or his/her insurance changes. They understand not only behavioral health billing in general, but also the particular, at times complex ins and outs specific to billing for neuropsychological testing. Even though I am not located near them geographically, I have been able to do almost all of my business with them electronically and securely, which is a huge timesaver for me. They are highly professional and responsive. I am constantly recommending them to colleagues.

Claudia B. Rutherford Ph.D.

Since we started working with Billing Advantage in April of 2011, we have seen our denial rate plummet and our payments increase substantially. They are an integral part of our success, and the most professional and knowledgeable group of people to work with, not to mention the nicest!

Christine McGoldrick, Director of Finance

I am totally sold on Billing Advantage! In 2 months you have pulled in more than 33% of my total income for the last year! I am so glad I changed! Feel free to use me for free advertising!!

Leslie Fishbein M.D.

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