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An updated website is part of medical practice marketing.

5 Tips to Boost Your Medical Practice Marketing

Medical practice marketing is often thought of as the mere use of billboards, print ads, and mail campaigns when it’s actually much more. Marketing encompasses different strategies and goals depending on the industry. For medical practices, marketing shouldn’t have the sole end goal of selling the clinic to a new potential patient. In a less…

A medical practice consultant analyzes business efficiency.

3 Ways to Increase Productivity with a Medical Practice Consultant

A medical practice consultant is a reliable outside source that can provide valuable feedback and guide a clinic to increase productivity, thereby increasing profitability. But is this addition necessary? Physicians and administrators across the country are facing extreme requirements, regulations, and policy changes like ICD-10 and PQRS. Challenges like this become even more of a…

Patient satisfaction is key to a successful clinic.

5 Ways to Improve Patient Satisfaction in Your Medical Practice

Patient satisfaction translates to dollars, whether positive or negative, in a medical practice. Managing satisfaction by serving patients better is therefore an investment in the entire organization. This is an important factor to remember, especially after the hectic and time-consuming changes involved in the shift to ICD-10 coding. Patients want to be paid attention to,…

A doctor strategizes ICD 10 implementation challenges.

ICD 10 Implementation: Challenges and Strategies

ICD 10 implementation is as much about being flexible and able to adjust as it is having a solid plan. Many clinics got off to the right start by creating a team or leader to instigate, support, and monitor the ICD 10 changeover that was required on October 1st. Other strategies to tackle this challenge…

Doctors may take advantage of the ICD 10 grace period.

ICD 10 Grace Period: How Does it Work?

The ICD 10 grace period isn’t a myth, but it isn’t a magical fix either. So, what is it exactly? The grace period simply affords a little more time for learning the new coding system because, let’s face it, there are bound to be mistakes. That being said, your practice should be actively learning, whether…

A physician uses dual coding ICD-10.

Dual Coding ICD-10: Still a Valid Way to Code After Oct. 1st?

Dual coding ICD-10 has been utilized up to this point to get a jump-start on the evolving guidelines and numerical trends as the October 1st deadline fast approached. Many clinics have been dual coding for the past few months as a learning tool, to see the ICD 9 and ICD 10 codes side-by-side in documentation….