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Practice Management Consultation

Our practice, medical billing and management consultation services are provided by one of our senior staff members. We are medical claims and billing specialists offering a wide range of consultation services. Our professionals are always happy to give you our opinion of a billing or practice management issue and brief advice on an issue at no charge. Some of our customers have requested more in-depth consultation. This can be over the phone, by e-mail, or in person, and can include a many topics, such as the following:

  • A/R Management and problem solving
  • Basic structure, setup and workflow for a practice
  • Paperwork and electronic health record issues
  • Working with providers to ensure smooth data flow, and reduce late and missing submission of information needed for billing.
  • Working with clinicians to best meet the needs of both the clinicians and the office staff
  • Determine the best way to provide accurate coding services to maximize reimbursement
  • Assisting both office staff and providers to create forms that efficiently meet the administrative and clinical needs of the practice.
  • Managing the billing process from beginning to end, including obtaining patient demographics and insurance information, collecting co-pays, getting all the information to Billing Advantage, etc.

Our hourly rate for Practice Management Consultation is subject to change, and is currently $200.00 per hour. If on-sight consultation is provided, travel/accommodation expenses will be extra.

Other Services

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Outstanding Customer Support

Regular customer support is included for all of the services we provide at no extra cost.

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credential awarded to doctor

Medical Billing and Credentialing Services

We provide credentialing services for a flat rate of $300 per provider for each insurance company.

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