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Getting Started With Billing Advantage


Initiating the process

Once you have decided whether our Standard or Individualized services best meet your needs, we will send you out a startup packet.  This includes forms for you to complete giving us information about your practice and providers, the contract etc.  You complete this and send it back to us, along with the signed contract and startup fee ($300 per provider, with a maximum of $1,500).


Setup and Training

We offer a wide range of options for setup and training. Some of our customer prefer to use the available documentation for Practice Fusion and Kareo, including their excellent training videos, and manage this process independently.  There is, of course, no charge if you choose this option.  We offer free telephone support and training during the setup period as well, to supplement those who chose to use this indpendent model.  For those practice who would like on-site set-up and training, we offer this as well.  The pricing for this is based on hourly rates, including travel and accomodation costs, if needed.


Importing the Data

We are able to work with you to migrate existing patient demographics you have from most practice management systems. The charges for this migration vary, depending upon how much work is required.


Going Live

We work closely with you just before and after you “go live”(start the medical billing process with us).  Our startup team ensures that all setup has been completed before we submit any claims so that claims go correctly the first time and everything is done properly from the get-go.  We have found that this greatly reduces headaches in the long run.  We provide early follow-up on the first few batches of claims that are submitted to make sure that there are no problems.

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