5 Tips to Boost Your Medical Practice Marketing

5 Tips to Boost Your Medical Practice Marketing image

Medical practice marketing is often thought of as the mere use of billboards, print ads, and mail campaigns when it’s actually much more. Marketing encompasses different strategies and goals depending on the industry. For medical practices, marketing shouldn’t have the sole end goal of selling the clinic to a new potential patient.

In a less traditional thought process, marketing is any practice that moves a company or organization to an end goal. It could mean expanding to offer new services, increasing billing efficiency, recruiting new providers, deterring competition, or combating negative publicity. But no matter which of these defines your “marketing” goal, the big question is still the same: How can a medical practice boost its success in marketing? The tips outlined below are a solid place to start.

How to Improve Your Medical Practice Marketing

Follow the steps below in order to improve your medical practice’s marketing.

  1. Develop Subsequent Plans – You might think the first tip to success in marketing is a plan, and you’d be half right. A plan is half of the battle. Decide on a goal to reach in one year’s time that is challenging yet attainable, specific, written, and measurable. Set up a way to track and document the shift toward or away from the goal. Then, formulate a subsequent five-year plan that is more broad. Tweak the first goal to fit into the context of goal two.
  2. Schedule Convenience – Marketing is self-promotion, and one of the best ways to promote is by being hospitable and convenient to patients. In a society in which every second counts and time is money, patrons of your clinic want to know that they can get in during a convenient time and be seen promptly. This factors heavily into patient retention and referrals.
  3. Tune Up Protocol for Compliance – A medical practice survives within the lines of state, federal, and industry compliance. Are there areas your practice might lack in security, safety, or proper protocol? As crazy as it may sound, staying within those lines protects company image and therefore, is a positive marketing strategy.
  4. Web Presence Upkeep – You have probably read articles and tips of encouragement to build a sleek, informative web page and social media presence. Building these systems to be found is not enough. Your practice must also maintain the information and public contact through these channels, otherwise it’s just dead air that drives away potential patients.
  5. Change Your Sign – The physical location and presence of your office is a potential marketing avenue by itself, but after a while, passersby stop seeing you. Consider changing your sign, window decals, or other features of the outside building face. When you become visible again, you might gain more patients or simply remind old ones that you’re still a reliable presence for medical needs.

The above medical practice marketing tips range from redressing your building appearance to internal practice structure. It takes an awareness of each of these types of marketing to improve patient retention and re-stimulate revenue.

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