The Best Physician Billing Software: Pros and Cons

The Best Physician Billing Software: Pros and Cons image

Many physician billing systems are outdated, especially considering the ever-changing face of medical billing management. Not only do billing procedures themselves change but also coding and HIPAA regulations. It can be difficult to keep up with while maintaining a working medical office and limiting the amount of billing errors and lost revenue.

Pros and Cons of Web-Based Physician Billing Software

Physician medical billing software might be the way to go. You’ve probably considered it and might even be using a similar PMP (practice management program), but have you put pen to paper in order to adequately weigh the pros and cons? Here are just a few advantages and disadvantages of web-based physician billing software:

Advantages of Web-Based Physician Billing Software

  • A well-organized system that can schedule patients, coordinate payments, keep track of due dates and rates, structure outstanding bill pay requests, etc.
  • Increased storage for patient information without paying for or maintaining a server
  • Allows multiple users with multiple access points without extra cost
  • Real-time updates mean that multiple employees can work on any given patient file at one time.
  • Updates and check-ins can be made anywhere there is an internet connection.

Disadvantages of Web-Based Physician Billing Software

  • Some types of software become out-of-date as fast as your own billing system.
  • Requires training to utilize efficiently
  • It exposes your medical facility to further data security risks, especially if employees are not properly trained or working remotely.
  • If your internet goes down, you do not have access to your files. A fast, stable connection is absolutely necessary, as well as a backup system.

With these details in mind, one of the best physician billing software systems available is Tebra. Tebra is built especially for small practices, with components for practice management, record keeping, and billing that work together seamlessly. With the top level of security, you can rest assured that your data is well-protected.

Your medical office would excel further by hiring Billing Advantage, a third-party billing company that uses the impeccable Tebra system and backs it with experienced medical billing agents. Having knowledgeable agents at the head of your physician billing system reduces error and helps your practice stay on top of changing codes, regulations, etc. Plus, you can have as little or as much input and interaction with your data as you desire, so you don’t need to hire or train employees on the billing software. You can also rest assured that bills will still be sent out on time if the internet at your practice goes down.

With Billing Advantage, not only will your practice have access to one of the premiere physician billing software choices through Tebra, but also a third-party billing service that ensures it is functioning properly to suit your needs. You retain 24/7 access to your data but also have an experienced team keeping that data error-free and the process of billing management running smoothly so that your practice is compensated quickly and completely. Find out how it works today!

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