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Medical Billing Blog

Girl studies for medical coding certification.

Medical Coding Certification: Acquisition and Use

Medical coding certification starts with a basic understanding of the medical facility’s practice management. When a patient walks in the door and is seen by medical staff, those staff members must accurately document the visit. From the time spent with the patient to symptoms, treatment, and prescription, there are many relevant details to be recorded….

Physician using billing software.

The Best Physician Billing Software, Pros and Cons

Many physician billing systems are outdated, especially considering the ever-changing face of medical billing management. Not only do billing procedures themselves change but also coding and HIPAA regulations. It can be difficult to keep up with while maintaining a working medical office and limiting the amount of billing errors and lost revenue. Physician medical billing…

Potential hires must undergo physician credentialing.

The Physician Credentialing Process From A to Z

Physician credentialing is a necessary step for all doctors founding or entering a practice, and should be started well in advance of going to work. It can actually take up to a year to credential a physician. The process first requires hospital privileges, meaning that a physician must have a license and proof of malpractice…

Medical billing management requires hands-on training and time.

Medical Billing and Claims Management Explained

Medical billing management and medical claims management are two time-consuming facets of running a medical facility. However, as any good practice manager knows, they are crucial to achieving and sustaining profitability. If you are building a practice from the ground up or would just like to review the basics of the medical billing cycle and…

Flowchart showing healthcare revenue cycle management.

Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Basics

What is revenue cycle management and why is it important for your health care organization? To answer these questions, let’s look more closely at what revenue cycle management entails. Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Definition Healthcare revenue cycle management includes all clinical and administrative functions that contribute to the organization, maintenance, and collection of data on…

Numbers represent the codes for modifiers in medical coding.

Modifiers in Medical Coding: How to Avoid Billing Error

Modifiers in medical coding are essentially phrases added onto the end of the sentence formed by the normal code. Where coding provides the basis for the language that unites healthcare organizations and payers, modifiers provide an extension to that language as rules and regulations with Medicare and payers are added or changed. Some medical practices…