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Acupuncture Billing

Some doctors in the field claim that acupuncture billing is the most challenging type of specialty medical billing due to its constantly changing codes and extensive differentiation from treatment in one clinic to the next.

How Does Acupuncture Billing Work?

Your acupuncture patients are your priority starting from the moment they walk through the door of your practice. Leave the stress of billing and follow-up to to the team at Billing Advantage. You can rely on our agents to effectively bill and follow-up with all parties, including insurance providers and patients.

Acupuncture Billing Software

Billing Advantage uses a software program called Tebra, one of the top-ranked programs for usability, security and reliability. From day one, data exchange is secure and specific to your needs – fax, email, etc. You an also aces it 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A software program in itself is just a tool, but Billing Advantage specialists understand how to use the Tebra tool to its fullest and are there to answer your questions.

Tebra also offers an EHR, which is optimized for mental health documentation. It allows for easy note taking, and includes a wide range of features to simplify the documentation requirements. To mention just a few, it includes a convenient treat plan system, checkboxes for note-taking, and a very simple method to submit claims. We would be happy to arrange a demo of Tebra’s EHR if you want more information. In addition, Billing Advantage receives a 2/3 discount on Tebra’s EHR, and we pass this savings on to you!

How Much Does Acupuncture Medical Billing Service Cost?

Acupuncture billing can become costly in terms of time, manpower, and the mistakes that are made and can lead to appeals and re-filing. Thousands of dollars are lost each year in this way. On the other hand, if you hire a team like Billing Advantage, you get experience and precision for less than the money you would otherwise lose. Thus, you increase your overall revenue. Get started today to make sure that your clinic is being efficient and effective in its revenue management and billing process.

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