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Plastic Surgery Billing

Plastic surgery billing is complex and requires both extensive knowledge in the field to properly bill claims and handle the follow-up process. To appeal claims and answer questions from payers accurately, your billing team should be knowledgeable about plastic surgery procedure and terminology.

How Does Plastic Surgery Billing Work?

Medical billing is the financial backbone of a medical facility, no matter which specialties are offered. A clinic should be prepared for the unique requirements involved with each type of billing service from the moment a patient walks in the door. The diagnostics, treatment, and results must all be documented to streamline the billing process that comes next. Proper documentation is imperative for proper reimbursement, analysis of the treatments you offer, patients seen, and fees charged.

Plastic Surgery Billing Software

Plastic surgery billing software can handle a number of processes that help your practice and the revenue cycle run more smoothly, including scheduling, note organization and – yes – billing. However, a program requires updates and doesn’t always account for errors, which could lose revenue.

One of the biggest difficulties and typical shortcomings of plastic surgery billing is the inability to pursue underpayment. A software can track which accounts are underpaid and even remind you to send out new payer bills, but it can’t do the work for you. Sometimes getting paid requires a more active involvement.

Billing Advantage uses a software program called Kareo, a secure and reliable software that we can teach your practice to utilize as well as operate in your stead; in other words, you can have as much or as little involvement as you want. And no matter what, you have 24/7 access.

How Much Does Plastic Surgery Billing Service Cost?

Lost and incorrect documents, mistakes, and disorganization can all contribute to the need to re-file, if not also a substantial revenue loss. In fact, inadequate billing expertise is estimated to end in the loss of up to 20 percent of potential repayment. Thousands of dollars are lost each year this way. Many practices have opted to hire an experienced third-party team like Billing Advantage to reduce time, stress, and lost funding. The fee associated with hiring outside of your practice is far less than the reimbursement you would otherwise lose, thus resulting in an influx in revenue overall.

Get started with plastic surgery billing services today or contact Billing Advantage for a practice management consultation.

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