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Neurology Billing

Neurology is a complex specialty, and in order to obtain maximum reimbursement, it is crucial that the billing company be familiar with this specialty. Even a few claims billed incorrectly can result in large amounts of money being lost by the practice. At Billing Advantage, we have the expertise to bill these claims correctly. Plus we follow up rigorously on any denied or unpaid claims.

How Does Neurology Billing Work?

Successful billing starts with good demographic and insurance information. We have several ways you can get this information to us. If we receive accurate information, including diagnosis and CPT codes, we can take it from there. We submit the claims and follow up to make sure they get paid.

Neurology Billing Software

Billing Advantage uses a software program called Kareo, one of the top-ranked programs for usability, security and reliability. From day one, data exchange is secure and specific to your needs – fax, email, etc. You an also aces it 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A software program in itself is just a tool, but Billing Advantage specialists understand how to use the Kareo tool to its fullest and are there to answer your questions.

Kareo also offers an EHR, which is optimized for mental health documentation. It allows for easy note taking, and includes a wide range of features to simplify the documentation requirements. To mention just a few, it includes a convenient treat plan system, checkboxes for note-taking, and a very simple method to submit claims. We would be happy to arrange a demo of Kareo’s EHR if you want more information. In addition, Billing Advantage receives a 2/3 discount on Kareo’s EHR, and we pass this savings on to you.

How Much Does Neurology Billing Service Cost?

Underpayments can cost a neurologist 10 percent of potential income, in addition to the documentation errors that can compound the loss! Billing Advantage can take away the stress of the billing process and deliver superior results with maximized reimbursement. Contact us to get started today!

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