Affordable Care Act Allocates $50 Million for Mental Health Services

Affordable Care Act Allocates $50 Million for Mental Health Services image

Expansion of Mental Health Services Announced

A new press release by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the expansion of mental health service funding under the Affordable Care Act. This portion of the new healthcare law will issue $50 million in funding will go to Community Health Centers and is aimed at allowing these centers to hire new mental health professionals to serve those with mental health or addiction problems.

An increase in mental health care is focused on assisting Americans with mental health conditions and providing treatment services. Funds will be allocated to health centers across the states and to expand service provided to those with mental health conditions as well as those combating drug or alcohol addiction.

These health centers are often the alternative to private practice mental health services and generally offer team-based models of care. Under the new healthcare law, insurance companies must include mental health services in their plans and can no longer charge high copays, deductibles or other payments for mental health services. For more information about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting private psychiatric practices, check out our last blog here:

This new funding will largely benefit those who are in need of addiction counseling and behavioral health services. The number of treatable mental health problems is large yet the number of people treated is not. Funding allocated by the Affordable Care Act is focused on increasing both access and quality of care.

This action is bringing to the forefront a conversation about mental health & treatment in the United States. By working to fund these programs, the HHS and the White House is recognizing mental health as an important factor in the overall health of individuals and the larger community.

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