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Neuropsychology Billing

We have a specialization in billing for neuropsychological testing practices, and we have an entire team devoted to this specialty. We are currently billing for over 60 neuropscyhologists through the United States. This type of billing is quite complex, and we understand it very well. We understand the intricacies, including that some claims are billed to the behavioral health benefit and some to the medical benefit. Let us take this burden off of you and have our team work on getting your claims paid so you can devote your time to providing testing to your patients!

How Does Neuropsychology Billing Work?

Neuropsychology billing, like other medical billing processes, is set up to ensure proper and timely reimbursement for medical services. After your clinic’s neuropsychologist translates patient visits into the appropriate codes for claims, a billing service like Billing Advantage can take over to minimize stress and hassle.

At Billing Advantage, we can bill insurance providers, as well as your patients, while maintaining HIPAA compliance and any other state or federal regulations. Billing Advantage is responsible for proper collections and billing maintenance, saving you time and hassle while increasing revenue. The ball never gets dropped on documentation and follow-up.

Neuropsychology Billing Software

Neuropsychology billing software can help a clinic’s organization and operations management, especially during the patient scheduling and SOAP notes process, which are in-house procedures. However, as with all software, it is prone to certain malfunctions and security risks. It’s best to have a designated team, individual or third-party monitor the billing software.

Billing Advantage uses a software program called Kareo, one of the top-ranked billing software programs for security and reliability. From day one, data exchange is secure and specific to your needs – fax, email, etc. You can also access it whenever you want, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A software program in itself is just a tool, but Billing Advantage specialists understand how to use the Kareo tool to its fullest and are there to answer your questions.

How Much Does Neuropsychology Billing Service Cost?

Improper neuropsychology billing can amount to thousands of lost dollars each year. Start correcting your billing and increasing net profit with a responsible third-party billing service like Billing Advantage! Learn more about how we can help streamline your office’s neuropsychology billing by contacting us today!

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