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Psychiatry Billing

Billing Advantage helps psychiatry practices across the United States maximize profit, maintain organization, and analyze services rendered through psychiatry billing services. Learn more about our individualized billing solutions and whether or not our services are right for your practice below.

Why Choose Billing Advantage for Psychiatry Billing?

Billing Advantage grew out of our own psychotherapy practice. Donna Whipple and Rick Kaufman, the owners and founders of Billing Advantage, are both therapists. Donna is a psychologist, and Rick is a social worker. We run a 24-clinician group practice called Psychotherapy Associates of North Reading. Because of this, we are uniquely positioned to understand the needs of mental health practices.

We are very familiar with the intricacies of this type of billing, including carve-outs for mental health services, authorization requirements, confidentiality concerns, etc.

Also, as business owners of a psychiatry practice, we understand first hand the financial requirements of getting claims paid in a timely manner. That’s why we work with you to ensure that there are efficient systems to get all the claims submitted in a timely manner and to handle and issues that arise that could delay payment.

We allow you and your clinicians to concentrate on the clinical work while we take care of making sure that you get paid for your work.

Psychiatry Billing Software

Whether you hire direct or outside your psychiatry office, psychiatry billing software can help with operations management, from patient scheduling to the SOAP notes process, which are in-house procedures. However, when it comes to coding and billing, there should be less reliance on software and more hands-on monitoring. After all, software is prone to certain malfunctions and security risks.

Billing Advantage uses Kareo software, through which all information and reports are available 24/7 to your practice. No matter which method of data exchange you prefer, your patient and clinic data is always secure. You are also ensured support from a live specialist who oversees the important details that a software program alone can miss.

How Much Does Psychiatry Billing Service Cost?

Improper documentation and outdated psychiatric billing procedures can result in thousands of dollars lost or fined. Begin streamlining your psychiatry practice billing and maximizing revenue with help from Billing Advantage.

Do you have questions about our individualized billing services? Call 1-866-331-3345 to get started today!

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