3 Reasons to Hire a Medical Billing Specialist

3 Reasons to Hire a Medical Billing Specialist image

Getting paid for the work you do is important. Most services like an oil change or an appliance repair are generally paid for on the spot. Healthcare is a different story and a delay on payments for medical services can put financial stress on any practice. As a healthcare provider, you can imagine the opportunities a larger practice can take advantage of with professional billers. It’s this advantage that small practices miss out on due to payment delays and mistakes.

So, how can a small practice avoid these delays? Hiring a medical billing specialist will ensure that your billing is done correctly – and in a timely manner.

Beyond the benefits of a streamlined approach, professional billing specialists can provide:

  1. A vast knowledge of billing regulations including Medicare, Medicaid and the new Affordable Care Act. Professional help will ensure all information is submitted correctly without you having to spend valuable time learning these regulations.

  1. Expertise in the field of billing. Medical billing is an intricate process. Submitting correct codes to insurance companies will help reduce claim denials. Billing specialists can help by streamlining the process and ensuring billing compliance. With medical billing regulations continually in flux, these experts can help avoid costly mistakes that take time and delay payments. This means your practice can function smoothly and won’t be disrupted by late payments.

  1. The time saved by using a professional medical billing specialist will allow more time to be spent focusing on patient care. It may also allow you to take on more patients in your practice. The extra time spent with patients allows you to provide superior care and eventually grow your practice as a result.

Hiring a medical billing specialist has immeasurable benefits. From a streamlined process to a consistent payment schedule, hiring a medical biller will cut down on the stress of submitting and collecting from insurance companies. From finding the correct codes, submitting them to the insurance company and then waiting for payment or denial, then starting the process over again, these specialists are not intimidated by the intricacies of medical billing law.

Are you in the medical business? Billing Advantage works with your practice to design a system. Your office will get us the information we need to do your billing in the fastest, most accurate way possible; we then bill out your claims and follow up to make sure they get paid. Visit: www.billingadvantage.com/ for more information about services and pricing.

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