Web-Based Medical Billing Software – Why you should make the switch

Web-Based Medical Billing Software – Why you should make the switch image

There are many benefits to switching to web based medical billing software at your medical practice. From cutting down on paperwork and streamlining the office space to the simple convenience of having all records available from one login when you need them – switching to web based medical billing can be a timesaver. As medical billing becomes more complicated, the organization of such systems will prove indispensable, saving time and delivering a high level of security when it comes to EHRs and consistently updated medical codes. At Billing Advantage, we recommend using these services to help streamline your billing process.

Why You Should Switch to Web-Based Medical Billing Software

Billing Advantage has paired up with Kareo and Practice Fusion to help streamline your billing process. Here’s how these programs work and how they can help your practice:

  1. Web-based medical billing software is secure and allows access to EHRs from anywhere. Electronic medical records allow physicians to pull up information in seconds. They can access medical history, allergies and past procedures – all very quickly! The goal being to improve patient care in practices across the nation by connecting physicians through an intuitive and organized software program.
  2. Web-based medical billing software is fully updated on a regular basis to ensure the most up-to-date medical codes are available. New regulations and policies are also automatically updated, meaning you don’t have to worry about the changes that may affect your practice.
  3. These systems are multi-functional and can be used at multiple locations to coordinate between doctors at different practice locations. From scheduling and claim preparation to insurance verification and ePrescribing, web based medical billing software can streamline more than just EHRs.
  4. The security offered by web-based medical billing software stored on a cloud goes beyond password protection. In the event of an office flood, fire or other disaster, these records are protected from destruction. The cloud is impervious to these events and therefore can protect the important information stored in regards to your patients.

By implementing the use of web-based medical billing software, your practice can benefit in a number of areas. From easier scheduling to more streamlined and successful billing procedures, this software is indispensable to a growing practice.

Still doing your own billing? This software is the perfect way to transition to a billing company. Simply grant access to your web-based medical billing software to the billing experts at Billing Advantage, and we will begin managing the claims process for you. Interested in learning more about this service? Learn about how to get started, here.

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